The duties of the committee will be to coordinate all nominations and elections procedures as set forth in Article III, Section 2 of the Bylaws. The committee will accept proposed changes to the Bylaws, study the proposals, and prepare a recommendation to the council in accordance with Article X and XII of the Bylaws. The committee will serve as a resource for council committees and members involved in the development of formal policies and administrative statements. The Committees Director will serve as a non-voting member of the committee.


  • Ashley Apollon (vice chair)
  • Rose Baldwin (chair)
  • Jeffrey Benson
  • Robin Simpson
  • Erik Lauffer
  • Jowanna Tillman
  • Tamar Wilkins
  • Bradley Horton
  • Paula Sorrell
  • Madara McCorkle
  • Lannda Oden


Document Title Meeting Date File Second File (Optional)
Administrative Committee Timeline    
2017/07/12 SC Administrative Committee minutes 07/12/2017  
2017/06/05 SC Administrative Committee minutes 06/05/2017  
2017/05/11 SC Administrative Committee minutes 05/11/2017  
2013/06/06 SC Administrative Committee minutes 06/06/2013  
2013/05/09 SC Administrative Committee minutes 05/09/2013  


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