Campus Sustainability


The committee will work to enhance the quality of life on campus for Georgia State employees and students by focusing on the university’s impact on the local and global environment. The committee will promote sustainable business practices such as water and energy conservation, recycling, energy-efficient transportation, green building and landscape design, and related areas of university operations as appropriate. The committee will contribute to the development and maintenance of campus-wide networks of staff, faculty, and students focused on resource conservation, sustainable business practices, sustainable procurement policies, and related issues. The committee chair or designee will serve as a member of the university Transportation and Parking committee. The Committees Director will serve as a non-voting member of the committee.


  • Lannda Oden
  • Colleen Blanchard – (acting chair)
  • Tyrone Boyd
  • Prentice Couch
  • Joe Fernander
  • Mark Harper
  • Jodie Harper
  • Christopher Jacobs
  • Irene Shelton
  • Jamar Simmons
  • Travis Wood
  • Marolyn Lucy Gentles – (acting vice chair)
  • Janice Maxwell
  • Andre Giddens


Document Title Meeting Date File Second File (Optional)
2013/03/12 SC Campus Sustainability Committee minutes 03/12/2013  
2013/06/11 SC Campus Sustainability Committee minutes 06/11/2013  
2013/07/09 SC Campus Sustainability Committee minutes 07/09/2013  
2013/08/13 SC Campus Sustainability Committee minutes 08/13/2013  
2017/05/25 SC Campus Sustainability Committee minutes 05/25/2017  


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