The duties of the committee will be to promote the activities of the council and its standing committees. Committee members will contribute to ongoing communications initiatives of the council, including the organization website, email lists, annual report, presentation and display materials, brochures, and other media. The committee members will work regularly with the other council standing committees to facilitate the consistency and professionalism of communication efforts originating from those groups. The committee will engage with the Office of University Relations and other appropriate units to publicize council projects and achievements. The Staff Relations Director will serve as a non-voting member of the committee.


  • Reginald Butler
  • Cynthia Atkins Woods
  • Bonita King
  • Fran Mohr
  • Denise Rixter
  • Lannetta Sommerville (chair)
  • Falon Thacker
  • Anita Webb (vice chair)
  • Linda King
  • Aretha Asberry
  • Savannah Stephens


Document Title Meeting Date File Second File (Optional)
2012/01/18 SC Communication Committee minutes 01/18/2012  
2012/06/07 SC Communication Committee minutes 06/07/2012  
2013/04/18 SC Communication Committee minutes 04/18/2013  
2015/06/12 Communications Committee Minutes 06/12/2015  
2015/07/10 Communications Committee Minutes 07/10/2015  
2015/08/07 Communications Committee Minutes 08/07/2015  
2015/09/11 Communications Committee Minutes 09/11/2015  
2015/10/16 Communications Committee Minutes 10/16/2015  
2015/12/15 Communications Committee Minutes 12/15/2015  
2016/02/25 Communications Committee Minutes 02/25/2016  
2017/05/18 SC Communications Committee minutes 05/18/2017  
2017/06/16 SC Communication Committee minutes 06/16/2017  


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