The committee will work to enhance the quality of work life for university employees. The committee will address such issues as campus safety, emergency management, benefits and employee incentive programs, occupational safety, alternative work models, food services, and dependent care. The committee will work with units across campus to identify and to share information about exemplary work-life improvement efforts. The Planning Director will serve as a non-voting member of the committee.


  • Attlee Billings
  • Sabra Blackwell – chair
  • Mark Eister
  • Yvette Hilaire
  • Nikki Jones
  • William Kerr
  • Matthew Mitchell
  • Bonte Mitchell – vice-chair
  • Shundra Mondy
  • Ann Pavlik
  • James Strickland
  • Shelia White
  • Eric Cuevas
  • Booker Linkhorn


Document Title Meeting Date File Second File (Optional)
2012/05/11 SC Work-life Committee minutes 05/11/2012  
2012/06/12 SC Work-life Committee minutes 06/12/2012  
2012/07/10 SC Work-life Committee minutes 07/10/2012  
2017/05/17 SC Work-life Committee minutes 05/17/2017