The University Senate includes 15 staff senators, elected by the Staff Council. Elected staff senators serve two year terms. The council chair and vice chair are automatically appointed to the senate for one-year terms.

Last Name First Name Senate Term Committee(s)
Abernathy Sonda 2017-18 FACP, Administrative Council
Byrd Janice 2017-18 Budget
Bush D. Anthony 2016-18 Information Systems & Technology
Cowdrick Emily 2016-18 Academic Programs, Commencement
Ehigiator Kike 2016-18 Admissions & Standards, Planning & Development
English Jacob 2017-19 Athletics, Research
Collier-Mercado Constance 2016-18 Athletics
Addison Candiss 2016-18 Faculty Affairs, Cultural Diversity
Barnes Latisha 2017-19 Admissions & Standards, Statutes & Bylaws
Maxwell Janice 2017-19 Cultural Diversity, Sustainability
Linkhorn Booker 2016-18 Library, Student Life
Tillman Jowanna 2017-19 Academic Programs, Budget
Walkes Ariday 2016-18 Cultural Diversity, Sustainability
Connelly Chris 2017-19 Planning & Development
Faison Jani 2017-19 Budget