The University Senate includes ten staff senators, elected by the Staff Council. Staff senators serve two year terms.

Name Committee Assignments Term 
Amber Amari Research, Student Life & Development 2013-15
Kevin Chappell Library, Commencement, Sustainability 2014-16
Charles Gilbreath FACP, Administrative Council 2014-15
Colleen Geary Athletics, Cultural Diversity 2013-15
Julie Stoverink Budget, CBSAC 2014-15
John Medlock Academic Programs, IS&T 2013-15
Stephen Rosner Sustainability, Planning and Development, CBSAC 2014-16
Jowanna Tillman Statutes & Bylaws, Budget 2013-15
Shelly-Ann Williams Admissions & Standards, Planning and Development 2013-15
Harley Granville Faculty Affairs, Cultural Diversity 2014-16