Mission and Responsibilities

Mission and Responsibilities

Staff Council is dedicated to providing service and fostering effective communication within the University community to make Georgia State University the best possible place to work.

Staff Council works to facilitate communication of staff issues among all sectors of the University, and advises the university president and other campus administrators on other matters that have a major effect on staff. Staff Council plays an important role in shaping the policies and procedures of the university as they relate to staff.

Council Member Responsibilities

The major responsibilities of representatives are listed below. These and other duties are detailed in the council’s sc-bylaws-march-2017-2-1 Staff Council Bylaws as of March 15, 2017

  • Representatives are expected to attend all regular, monthly meetings as well as special or called meetings, including a day-long council retreat in early to mid-summer.
  • Representatives serve on committees of the council and may be elected as an officer of those committees.
  • Representatives should make themselves known to their constituents and be willing to hear concerns, receive information and suggestions, and communicate these effectively to the council. In turn, representatives must keep their constituents well informed of the work of the council and matters that the administration wishes to communicate to the council.
  • Representatives can serve on a standing panel from which members of a Board of Review Hearing Committee are selected as part of the staff grievance process (after a brief training session).
  • Representatives should be available a minimum of four (4) hours per month in addition to Council meetings for committee meetings and other council work.