Staff Survey

Every two years, the university Staff Council and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness administers a university-wide staff climate survey. The council’s University Staff Survey ad hoc committee has developed this site to provide additional information about the implementation and outcomes of the survey.

The 2015 Staff Survey was be conducted in June and July, 2015. Follow this link for a summary of the findings of the 2015 survey or to download a copy of the full survey findings report.

Benefits of the University Staff Survey

The University Staff Survey is designed to provide a range of benefits to the institution and its employees, including the following:

  • To provide baseline information about staff perceptions regarding the nature of their work, policies and practices, and the general climate at Georgia State.
  • To identify areas where staff feel the operational effectiveness of the university could be enhanced.
  • To indicate attitudes toward existing programs for staff and to identify the need for new programs. (Of particular note, the survey solicits specific information about training and development programs.)
  • To help guide the actions of the Staff Council, the Administrative Council, the University Senate, and other representative bodies through the use of reliable data.
  • To survey perceptions of managerial effectiveness and of the quality of the supervisor/employee relationship.
  • To identify issues that may facilitate or inhibit staff retention.
  • To help assess the effectiveness of internal communication efforts.

Participant Confidentiality

The university Office of Institutional Research (OIR) administers the survey, which is distributed to all classified employees. As with other confidential university surveys conducted by OIR, staff members use a unique code that cannot be tied to their identity to complete the survey. In the reporting of results, optional demographic information is only disseminated as aggregated data for university-wide reporting purposes. Any use of the data outside the Staff Council’s biennial reporting process must be approved by the council Board of Officers and OIR.

Assistance to Survey Participants

Throughout the survey period, a special workstation is available in the Office of Institutional Research (1001 1 Park Place Bldg.) for staff who would like to complete the survey but don’t have access to a computer or who may need assistance completing the online survey. Please contact the Office of Institutional Research if you or staff in your area may need this assistance.

A computer is not required to complete the survey, however. Staff members can use phones, tablets, or other networked devices to access and complete the survey.

Survey Composition

The survey consists of questions incorporating both structured and open-ended formats, in addition to an optional demographic section. Click here for 2015 sample survey. The first section includes use of a six-point semantic differential scale (“Strongly disagree” to “Strongly agree”). The remaining questions are formatted to solicit further information following “Yes” or “No” responses. The survey concludes with a text box for general comments. Survey questions were developed by the ad hoc committee with the guidance of Institutional Research administrators. The validity and appropriateness of the survey questions has been verified through pilot testing and through the 2011 survey implementation.

Survey Analysis

OIR provides the analysis of the quantitative and qualitative responses to the survey in consultation with the Staff Council. In early fall, the overall results of the survey are reported to the Administrative Council and the Staff Council and will be made available on the university website. Aggregated data summaries for each survey area (i.e., college, administrative unit or large sub-unit), will be available to primary unit administrators.

Additional Information

If you have additional questions about the survey, you may contact the Staff Council or the Office of Institutional Research.

Staff Survey Background

The Staff Council established the Staff Survey process to follow up on one of the recommendations of the Staff Retention Task Force of the University Senate, which implemented a climate survey in June 2008 as part of its information-gathering process. The task force recommended conducting a standard staff survey on a regular basis. The survey was first conducted in 2011 and is repeated every two years. Click here to access results of the 2011 survey or the 2013 survey.